Sunday, October 3, 2010


along this road
going with no one
autumn evening

autumn deepens;
the man next door
how is he doing?

autumn nears
my heart is drawn
to a four-mat room

rainy day
the world's autumn closes
boundary town

all words by matsu basho


Liza said...

The second pic has me thinking about inkblot tests.
Fantastic post Steven. Thank you for sharing.

Joanna said...

Those are glorious colours--and words to match, Steven.

Annie said...

Gorgeous photos of such rich colours. Thanks.

NanU said...

You have always a beautiful spot of calm to offer. Thank you!

steven said...

liza like many things in life it's easy to walk by a pile of autumn leaves but what's amazing are the subtle variations in colour and shade that appear the closer you get. these are a few of my favourites gathered from a spot not far from where i teach. they fell from trees right by a river. steven

steven said...

joanna - basho was a brilliant haiku poet and i could hope to come close to the beauty and insight he shares through my pictures but frankly - it's not really that close!!! thankyou for your kind words. steven

steven said...

annie i am really glad to be able to share them!! steven

steven said...

nanu - in lives filled with noise and detail, it's nice to have calm spaces. steven

ellen abbott said...

beautiful pictures steven. I love the way you zeroed in on the color and veining. Those two with the midnight blue. wow!

steven said...

ellen thankyou. when i got in really close and took out the highlights this is what they looked like! i was thrilled!!!! steven

Linda Sue said...

Now I am wondering, really, how the man next door is doing...Your header certainly wakes me up- Brilliant much!
Leaves die so stunningly, maybe because they are vegetarian , maybe Buddhists die the same way, all colourful and interesting.
Such a dark day today even those leaves that are dieing the hardest can't be seen.I keep your header on until my screen clicks off, just for a bright colour and light fix!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I would not have believed those colours had I not seen them in your photographs steven.

R. Burnett Baker said...

Just fantastic photos, Steven. And colors that we wouldn't associate with autumn. Are these natural colors or enhanced? Beautiful!!


steven said...

hi rick! the photos are adjusted for highlights only. i remove the extra light to soften tthe colours. otherwise they are shot as macros on a dslr. the darker leaves come from my neighbours tree which has deep crimson almost purple leaves throughout the year. when they fall they have the most amazing midnight blues in them. thanks for visiting! steven