Sunday, October 24, 2010

older and away

on a path
with pine needles
and dancing leaves

in the shade of a tree
whose leaves are falling

i feel an echo
in the hazy
internal landscape
of my thoughts
as my children
grow older
and away


Pauline said...

How true - and beautifully illustrated. I find a mirror in nature to most of our own life...

ellen abbott said...

Yes, they do grow older and away. A loss and a release both at the same time.

Golden West said...

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that although your relationship with your growing children will surely change, it will deepen and be no less satisfying.

Kay said...

as both i and my girls have grown older our realationship has deepened..we have cast off the niggles that teenage years produce and they are my most precious friends now...wonderful women in their own right....

Friko said...

A bitter-sweet thought; autumn puts us in mind of the transience and circularity of all life.

It is all good.