Thursday, October 21, 2010

so simple

in the autumn
it's the really small
the little things
the moments
that complete the sentence
with an exclamation mark

so simple, these images,
their recognition
is in our nature,
yet too often neglected,
our eyes already elsewhere.

it is beyond the gods
why we hold onto our sorrows
so long, and so stubborn.

excerpted from "these images" by wang ping


Pauline said...

Words and photos are a beautiful testament to the extraordinary-ness of the ordinary.

Dan Gurney said...

Trees so readily release their shimmering leaves. We so reluctantly release our stinkin' thinkin.

Golden West said...

I agree, Steven, that some colors are best left outdoors, pumpkin orange being one!

ellen abbott said...

beautiful picture in your header steven.

steven said...

pauline - really that's the essence of this blog. steven

steven said...

dan - there's a lot of beauty on the ground here. the trees are almost done emptying themselves of their little processors! steven

steven said...

ellen that picture's two day's old and was taken fifty km northeast of where i am sitting while i was on a trip to the woods with my class. the lake is called clear lake. steven

steven said...

golden west - the colours are extraordinary and don't work inside. they are the palette of nature in the autumn of the eastern woodlands. steven

Joanna said...

Yes Steven, it is like an exclamation mark! Beautiful.