Friday, October 22, 2010

the first light

trying to be thoughtful in the first light of dawn

i am thinking, or trying to think, about all the
imponderables for which we have
no answers, yet endless interest all the
range of our lives, and it's

good for the head no doubt to undertake such
meditation; mystery, after all,
is God's other name, and deserves our

consideration surely. but, but -
excuse me now, please; it's morning, heavenly bright,
and my irrepressible heart begs me to hurry on
into the next exquisite moment.

mary oliver


alaine@éclectique said...

It is the best time of day; those exquisite moments to be savoured and I'll go back for more tomorrow!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that first light, steven. To me it has much more mystery than evening light - plus the promise of the day to come.

Elisabeth said...

Wonderful Mary Oliver and her boundless zest for life is captured in your image here. Thanks, Steven.

Ruth said...

Mystery . . . God's other name . . and the next exquisite moment.

Thank you for sharing the simple and elegant window from MO today.

ellen abbott said...

I actually saw dawn today. A rare event for me.

Linda Sue said...

Last night I looked up all of the images I could find of Mary Oliver, a few quotes, and some bio- interesting that there she is again this morning in your blog. LOVE her!
When doubts about living creep in there she is all GA-GA over the smallest biggest thing about life to give you a little boost back into the wonder of it all.

Paul C said...

You have captured the complementary light so well in your photo.

hope said...

I may not be a "Morning person" per se, but I love the quiet of it, allowing my creative thoughts to ramble around unimpeded.

Dan Gurney said...

The heart, after all, already knows God well enough. Its our heads that are so very good at forgetting about God.