Friday, October 29, 2010

a chance encounter

rocks in a tree's arms -

the story
as near as i can tell
is that
the tree
fractured near its base
in a long past storm
and gathered something
of the earth
into its fold
as part of it fell

it's in my heart to say that they were brought together
it's in my head to wonder
as i imagine the stories they are sharing


i am reminded of the zen learning
in "not the wind, not the flag"


two monks were arguing about a flag. one said: "the flag is moving."

the other said: "the wind is moving."

the sixth patriarch happened to be passing by. he told them:
"not the wind, not the flag; mind is moving."


Bonnie said...

a great lesson with which to start the day, teach!

Reya Mellicker said...

Yep the mind is moving alright.

In my mind, the tree is lifting the stone upwards, an offering to the sky.

Golden West said...

Although I shouldn't be, I'm always a little surprised when I find an old seashell while gardening, as this little piece of land was once the bottom of the ocean.

Valerianna said...

Nice morning contemplation - the stone in the tree, I see a lot of that in my forest here.... always wonder the what the story is. I love the Zen offering. I always get so much from those. I need to get a collection of Zen koans, etc. oh SO much inspiration out there to keep one in wonder, isn't it amazing?

ellen abbott said...

I have a tree at the city house that has enveloped a metal hook that held a hanging basket. I have always marveled at that.

Friko said...

the mind moving mountains?

lovely post, steven.

steven said...

hi bonnie - more of a share than a teach! steven

steven said...

reya when i see leaves or rocks or plants or animals in the arms of a tree - well it gets me to thinking of the offering a mother makes or for that matter anyone who has birthed anything of any sort. steven

steven said...

golden west - i was deep in the woods the other day and came across part of an old sea floor. i think i'll share some of those pics soon. it blew me away - there was fan coral right in the middle of the forest!!! steven

steven said...

valerianna - i wondered as soon as i saw it, had these two shared their coexistence from birth as the tree grew and carried the stone up with her? steven

steven said...

ellen - how very cool! steven

steven said...

hi friko! possibly the mind moving mountains - i see nature as a mind. steven