Wednesday, October 13, 2010

close to the earth

on a deep bed
of soft brown pine needles

the soft fingers of
a warm breeze
touch my face
with the cinnamon tang
of the autumn woods

close to the earth
the great cycles
are simply expressed

contained in small
ripe spaces


Elisabeth said...

Now it's time for spot the funghi, next in line after the mosses, and pine mushrooms - or are they toadstools? - with their orange underbellies. Thanks, steven.

steven said...

hi elisabeth - it isn't often that i can slow down enough, have quiet enough, (inside and outside myself!) to see... really see a forest floor. it's astonishing what's contained within a relatively small space. steven

willow said...

We have a clump of ancient pine trees in the front of the manor. My favorite day, at the start of the fall season, is the day they drop their needles like confetti on the lawn.

steven said...

willow i really love the smell of pine needles on a warm day. i also love the feel of them to walk acors a thickly carpeted forest floor. they bring a hush to my passage. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Makes me want to lie down on the forest floor, give in, surrender. Thanks.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice words, nice photos Steven. Nice also to see those pine needles on the ground rather than clogging up my guttering as they do here.

Golden West said...

It's a wonder, the worlds within worlds to be seen upon closer look. You've conveyed so much in these photos, Steven!

steven said...

you know it reya!!! steven

steven said...

thankyou weaver. i imagine that in the area i took these pictures in the needles are a big feature of springtime cleaning. steven

steven said...

golden west, much of this blog is about my astonishment at the very tiny worlds within worlds that exist side-by-side with us. steven