Thursday, October 28, 2010


what could i learn
from the redness of this red -
that beauty can be so simple
and so profound

what could i learn
from the multiplicity of these leaves -
that true generosity
is the simplest grace

what could i learn
from the simplicity of this plant's presence -
that real knowledge
comes through understanding my place
in the all of everything


R. Burnett Baker said...

"...true generosity is the simplest grace..."

Another profound one from you, Steven.


Elisabeth said...

Not only the red, Stephen, the pattern and shape of these red leaves against the yellow green of the dying grass is stunning, a great way to learn.

Linda Sue said...

We are the everythingness living in the forever of now...Ekharty...- the leaves are amazing decoration - beautiful, brief, a flash...not forever- difference being that leaves don't COOK their food ( at least that is what we are told separates us from all other living things) Some things are more forever everythingness than others- your place is there, I think.
Stunning, delicious photo- I would like to have those leaves as a frock. The sun visited us today- I really could have pulled off wearing something that bright. Thanks for the brilliance! I am so high right now!

steven said...

rick thankyou! steven

steven said...

elisabeth - i'm pleased that you enjoy the image. the sumac is almost entirely gone now. steven

steven said...

linda sue - the temporariness of the flashy red leaves - which would make great material for a summer frock i agree - is something i equate with the temporary flash of life itself. there's an essence binding the allness of everything which i know as love. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

I open my eyes and the truth comes in - if I'll let it come in, that is.

Another beautiful poem, beautiful learning. Steven you blow my mind.

Thank you.

Golden West said...

Stunning color!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful words and beautiful picture to go with them steven.

Each time I look at your header I am reminded of a walk I did some years ago along the banks of the St John river - what is the river in your header, please?

steven said...

weaver thankyou so much. you may not have any idea how fantastic it is for my english heart to have contact with someone in wensleydale. i am truly and deeply grateful! steven

steven said...

golden west - these little leaves grab my eyes and hold them by their skinny throats and yell look at me!!!! steven

steven said...

it's often a real challenge to get out of the way of the truth and that getting out of the way more often than not involves taking your sense of your self out of the way - or my self out of the way!! then it become so simple. so very much right there. i get this every so often. i know when it's available, i try to get myself in its path and then i try to represent what's left or what can hold itself in translation here. it's that simple! steven

steven said...

oh and weaver it's a lake - clear lake is the name - northeast of peterborough, ontario (where i live!) steven

Dan Gurney said...

And, perhaps, plants teach us that the most valuable knowledge resides not inside heads, but among communities....