Sunday, December 27, 2009

my little buddies

long time visitors to the golden fish
will recall
that for the last couple of winters
i have maintained
a fairly large community of rabbits
who favour the little carrot sticks
and vegetable tasties
that i chuck out the back door.

i am usually held in high regard by these little bunnies
until late spring at which point they seem
to disappear.

well a few days ago i happened to notice
a burly brown rabbit hopping across the snow banks
and sure enough

- after i set out some tasty baby carrots -
here is the evidence i needed
that one or more
of my little furry buddies is back!!!!

so i went out
and said
"welcome back little buddies!
i'll take care of you!"

i hope they were listening.


Jenny Stevning said...

No doubt they know they are under good care. Sweet footprints.

Dan Gurney said...

I'm sure they understand you.

Anonymous said...

how cool....bunnies ROCK!

Lydia said...

What a sweet scene! We feed raccoons and skunks out back, but no rabbits. I was, just this evening, talking to the skunk who arrived early and just as I was taking a stack of recycling to the recycling bin. We regarded one another from our three foot distance...the animals absolutely know when a human cares.

Elisabeth said...

I hope they were, too. I'm new to your blog via Dave King. There is something about your 'introspective' nature and the love of bunnies that intrigues me. I shall visit again, like your left over bunny and hope for more carrots.

Friko said...

Lovely, steven1
Bunnies in the garden are fine in winter but do make sure they don't visit too often in summer! Ours have taken up residence, bringing up a whole new tribe each spring; Not good!

It's lovely to be back online after a week of festivities. And no presents to take back to the shops either.

Happy New year.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

My mom and dad has a rabbit that comes to their home and will stay for a while. Then the next day we will see the critter visiting another home.

It is fun to watch and learn from nature.

steven said...

hi jenny stevning! the kids and i are so glad they're back. my daughter loves animals and it's very cool for her to see them in our garden. it's also a cool way to get the vegetable scraps back into nature. i love animals also. have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

hi dan - the part that i wish more than anything is that they somehow could know that i won't hurt them. perhaps intuitively they do. have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

hi steven - i agree. i love watching them when they stop and listen with their ears twitching this way and that. then they seem to just meditate and sit perfectly still. just the wind ruffling their fur. have a great day. steven

steven said...

hi lydia! what a cool comment. i talk to animals and trees and plants. not long conversations or soul-bearing sessions as much as "hey, how's it goin'?" kind of comments. then again, listening to them - well that's a different story. they have lots to say - especially big, old trees. have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

hello elisabeth and welcome! i think being introspective and connecting with the little parts of nature are connected. they're almost about the same thing. i'm glad you were able to visit and i'll be looking forwrd to your next visit. steven

steven said...

hello friko - i know what you mean but i let them have their way on the understanding that i share this garden with them. that means that they eat the flowers and leave their droppings everywhere but this was their place before i moved in so i think that's reasonable. happily my family feels much the same way! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

hello tracy - we also have squirrels and chipmunks in the warmer times of year. they get taken pretty good care of also. otherwise we get toads and frogs and birds, and of course cats. they all find something to eat 'round here!! i can learn from each of them. i wonder if they learn anything from us? steven

ellen abbott said...

They probably count on you now every winter. We have bunnies tho I haven't seen them, just evidence in my compost pile. They take nourishment and leave nourishment.

Enchanted Oak said...

It seems perfectly right that we should help out our fellow creatures. I don't dare pull the dying sunflowers out of the ground until the very last seed is plucked out by the birds. Glad you're chucking stuff out the door for the bunnies.

steven said...

hi ellen!! i think they've become programmed genetically to show up and eat the tasty little carrots and veggie bits that i give 'em. that's alright. i love running to the window with my girl and watching them eat! have a peaceful eveneing. steven

steven said...

hello enchanted oak!!! i like them to feel welcome - it's their property as much as mine really! i love that you leave the treats for the birds!! steven

Liza said...

I am glad your buddies are back Steven!
I have noticed a couple of new birds to our feeders this winter.
I hope your holiday has been fabulous thus far.
I love this post!!!

steven said...

hey liza - i've had a really relaxing, food and drink-filled holiday. lots of walks, family, bunnies hopping around the garden - it's all good!!! have a great holiday! steven

BT said...

Well how lovely that they are back steven. We don't have rabbits, we have hares. We know they are there from the huge mess they make in the meadow and the size of the holes and one day we saw a baby in the yard. But I have crept out at all hours and never see them!!