Thursday, December 3, 2009

i seemed to lose myself

the bike rides have been cold.
not freezing cold but
a little frosty some mornings -
puddles frozen into ice,
even snowy!

so i hope you don't mind
a little slide back in time
to summer . . .

gustav karcher "the rowboat"

i saw a little boat lying.
so still was the water here, that the boat needed no fastening.
it lay as if some one had just stepped ashore, and would in a moment return.

but as there were no signs of presence, and no track through the thick bushes;
and, moreover, as i was in fairy land where one does very much as he pleases,
i forced my way to the brink,
stepped into the boat,
pushed it, with the help of the tree-branches, out into the stream,
lay down in the bottom,
and let my boat and me float whither the stream would carry us.

i seemed to lose myself in the great flow of sky above me unbroken in its infinitude,
except when now and then,
coming nearer the shore at a bend in the river,
a tree would sweep its mighty head silently above mine,
and glide away back into the past, never more to fling its shadow over me.

jean-bapiste camille corotin "ondation dans une saulaie"

i fell asleep in this cradle, in which mother nature was rocking her weary child;
and while I slept, the sun slept not, but went round his arched way.

when i awoke, he slept in the waters,
and i went on my silent path beneath a round silvery moon.

kuinji "night watch"

to read the rest of this chapter of george macdonald's "phantaste's"
- indeed you can read the entire massive text -


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Oh Steven - what a beautiful post. I did not know of George MacDonald or his Phantaste's - love how he weaves his words: 'i fell asleep in this cradle, in which mother nature was rocking her weary child'. I have often imagined myself being 'held' by mother earth and those words resonate deeply.

Beautiful images to illustrate and amplify his words.

Friko said...


sadly, not at all what it is possible to do now; it is time to shiver and get back inside and stay there. The mud is ankle-deep, summer is far away. The pleasure are different ones, a glass of a warming brew and a book come to mind now.

ellen abbott said...

Summer is fine with me. I love that last picture.

Anonymous said...

Its been very cold here in Michigan as well....thanx for the summer redo ;)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Slide back into summer any time you like, steven - we can all dream particularly when it is pouring with rain outside!

jinksy said...

What a day for a daydream... Each illustration sent me off on one!

Jenny Stevning said...

I'll be honest. I don't want to go back to summer. :) Such inner just finally got "cold" here in Souther California. Then again...if I knew what cold weather really was like, I would be singing a different tune. Nevertheless, I do love the artwork and resistance softened at "i saw a little boat..."

staceyjwarner said...

oh wonderful indeed...i can just imagine watching the branches and the sky float by above while being cradled, hearing the water lap against the side...

much love

willow said...

Another beautiful post, Steven. I especially like the Corotin painting. Stay warm on that bike, my friend!