Saturday, December 26, 2009

moving on

the day after christmas day
there's a deeper quiet about my home.

people are fast asleep even now.
the lights are all off.
wrapping paper has been
carefully gathered.
gifts organized or put away.

not quite as if it hadn't
all happened.
but not quite as if it had!

we visit my mum and my aunt.

so a journey
down the highway

and then
back again

helps make this day special!

now the new year
can present itself!


Dan Gurney said...

Enjoy your visit with you mom and your aunt. We've got more family (wife's sister) arriving tomorrow. Be well.

Jenny Stevning said...

Traveling mercies. Peace. I love the last photo.

nollyposh said...

...and ChriSSy (((hugs))) & *kissez* back to You & yours lots a luv from Me & mine xox

Anonymous said...

Yes it is almost time for a new year to swing in and a new attitude of a fresh start. Always enjoy reading the Golden Fish. I have a pond full of golden fish. Blessings

ellen abbott said...

We have one more holiday before New Year's. Husband's birthday is tomorrow. It's the annual excuse for the out of town brethren to descend on the in town brethren and celebrate hannakaristmamarcmas. The annual bowling party is tomorrow. All generations expected.

Joanna said...

Yes, once the rush is over a peace descends. I really like your Christmas decoration photos Steven.
Enjoy your day.

Linda Sue said...

Seems like when fall comes we are always in the "what's next" mode of moving forward- taking care of business- preparing for this and that...I am glad for any bit of quiet, sense of peace during these hectic activities . You know how to do it and I think you should write a book not just a blog which only targets a few, what's next? I mean after NewYear's and Valentine's day, Easter, and...Perhaps a book?

Enchanted Oak said...

Hello, Steven,
I adore Rumi, precisely because of the poem that contains your blog's subtitle. I love his last line: "There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."
I came to visit because of your comment on Dave King's blog, Pics and Poems. I'm always on the lookout for other poets. I enjoy your work. It would please me no end if you visited my blog and took a look at a couple of my poems. I think we have a similar language. Try my Christmas poem on Dec. 24. It's lovely to have found you. I'm going to add you to my blog roll.

Golden West said...

The day after is always a bit different, after all the anticipation and build-up the whole month long. My daughter and I went for a long hike this morning amongst the Torrey pine trees south of here - walking off all the sweets and unordinary food we've been consuming!

Lovely pictures, Steven.

hope said...

Ah yes, the quiet after the holiday storm. :)

I put away half of the stuff and now the kid in me is going to go play with her toys. Because the new year will be here before you know it!

Hope you had a joyous time with those you love.

steven said...

hello dan! thankyou - we had a lovely time. enjoy your time my friend! steven

steven said...

thankyou jenny - the trip both ways was fine!! i'll be sharing some pics some day soon! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

thankyou nolly posh! enjoy your time. steven

steven said...

hello qmm! a pond full of golden fish! you lucky person! have a lovely holiday time. steven

steven said...

ellen you always manage to have something extraordinary going on or coming up. i hope you get to shine at the bowling competition!!! show up the younger generations will ya! steven

steven said...

hello joanna - i'll nip over to your mexican blog tomorrow and have a look see at how you get to spend christmas time south of the border south of here!! steven

steven said...

linda sue thanks for the encouragement! i don't know if i have a book in me just yet. i've got blogs, photography and art in me at this point. but what's around the corner? well i realy don't know. it'll be good. have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hello enchanted oak and welcome!!! i have loved the writing of rumi and hafiz for half of my life and it has helped me understand and reconsider what i thought i knew. i'll be so happy to visit your blog tomorrow so thankyou for the invitation. have a lovely evening. see you tomorrow. steven

steven said...

golden west - i went for a walk today as well. it was an icy rain down by the lake kind of walk. i shook off a little bit of the weight but not enough. nope that's going to be a good little project after this holiday's over!!! have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hello hope - i had a really lovely day with my family! really lovely to be together in one place at the same time. i'm glad you've set aside some time for you to play! play is a really important part of a happy life!! have fun. steven