Saturday, December 12, 2009


on this day
fifteen years ago
- dawson -
from the way beyond
and began to create
a world
known only to himself
but generously shared
with so many others
(to my deep delight)

i saw
and see
myself in him

which affords me
an unlikely
and treasured opportunity
to learn

about him and about myself,
and to reflect
on who, what and why we are
in each other's lives.

because dawson is entirely himself.
as am i.
but we're very much together.

my dawsonboy.
gentle. kind. loving.
generous in his joy.
simple in his expectations of life.
slothful when it suits him!

at fifteen
this very day,
my dawsonboy
has so much
inside himself
that reflects
all that he has come from
and very much
where he will take himself.

so thankyou to whatever brought him into my life!
thankyou! thankyou!
i so very love you my dawsonboy!


Jenny Stevning said...

I am honored to read such a loving tribute from father to son.

Kathleen said...

What a fine young man, that dawsonboy. Great name, too! Sometimes I feel like I've had something to do with the way my children have turned out, and somethings it feels as if I was the very fortunate vessel through with they came and have had the privilege of shepherding and keeping them safe as possible so life could have its way with them. More and more it feels like the latter. More and more I simply feel oh so blessed.

Barry said...

Happy Birthday Dawson! We're happy to meet you, at least through the eyes of your dad.

I hope you have a great day today!

Golden West said...

Happy birthday, to Dawson and his loving dad!

BT said...

What a stunning post Steven. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Dawsonboy, he is his father's son indeed. No wonder you are proud.

Pauline said...

what a magnificent post!

steven said...

hello jenny - i'm a very blessed person! steven

steven said...

kathleen - what a beautiful way to express the very feeling i have this morning. we give them what knowledge and understanding we have and then see where they fly with that. i love that my children are very much who they are - it gives me great hope for them in their passage through this place. steven

ellen abbott said...

How lucky we are when souls choose to be our children. They are complete when they arrive, they unfold through our care and help to complete us as well. What a fine boy you have.

steven said...

good morning barry! i'll be sure to pass on your kind wish to dawson. he's in the process of becoming a musician . . . it's so cool to watch the fascination with the gear, the heroes, and then to know in my head and heart that i have to stand well back and not shower him with direction even though i wish he would listen to so and so or learn to play with care!!!!! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

thankyou golden west. i can still feel the moment i first held him - he was just over six pounds, so not that big to me . . . his mother might disagree with that! he's a very laid back, peaceful boy . . . always has been . . .but he loves fun. most cool of all is how much he loves his sister. that was entirely unexpected. have a great day! steven

steven said...

hello bt! it's great to see you! thanks for your kind comment. he is so very like me and then so very much who he is. i love watching the emergence of my children into their lives! have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

pauline thankyou for your very generous comment. steven

steven said...

hi ellen - i too believe that our children's souls choose us as guardians to guide their transition into this world as well as to compel us to continue our work. he's a lovely person ellen and i'd say that even if he wasn't my own boy!! have a peaceful and fruitful day. steven

Oh My Goddess said...

That is very beautiful!
You both make quite a pair!

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Such a lovely tribute. He must be an awesome kid! Enjoy your b-day Dawson!

Anonymous said...

This is a generous post and Dawson should love it on his birthday. A handsome lad with a world in front of his life. Wow.

willow said...

Happy Birthday, Dawson!!!!

(he's a handsome guy, just like his father)

Hope everyone is enjoying the festivities of the day.

Liza said...

"because dawson is entirely himself.
as am i.
but we're very much together."
Steven, those words made my eyes water.
"slothful when it suits him!"
Oooo I know that space too.
Happy birthday.

steven said...

hey liza - yeah it's so very unexpected. i never got to share in the closeness and the playfullness and the just plain ease of being togetherness that dawson and i have. it's very cool. it's also really hard work!!!! my boy has mastered the slothful piece so well!!! i want him to find the idea of work and then the idea of craft. but that's not for me to decide for him . . . . . thanks for your lovely comment. steven

steven said...

willow on behalf of both of us - thankyou for your generous observation!!!! i know that dawson's facebook wall is populated primarily by girls and that his blackberry buzzes with memebers of you gender but i also know that he's a good kid. so i etell him "enjoy your time my boy - with care for the person and for yourself". have a lovely evening at the manor. steven

steven said...

abe - i'm not generally jealous of anyone but i do sometimes envy is perspective on life - from the front - with every possibility still available and loving parents and a ot in his favour. have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hello ellie - he is - he'll become more eventually but i love him as he has been and is. have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hello omg!!! quite a pair. it's a bit much for his mum and sister at times but it's so great to make up for lost experiences from my own growing up and then too to be the dad i needed and can now provide for my boy. have a lovely evening and thanks for visiting. steven

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Dawson!
Who knew his father and mother could do such wonderful work raising Dawson up? =D Awesome!!!!
Dawson gets what you've always needed to have in your life. Both my girls benefitted for the same reasons, Steven. Now when you see their happiness, you can only smile joyously. Brilliant work there sir!
He's almost at the age when he takes your car and all your money!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Happy Birthday Dawson. You are clearly an admired and desired son.
(My son had his birthday yesterday on the 11th!)

hope said...

In this day and age, it's so nice to hear a father publicly speak highly of his son. What a gift that is in itself!

Happy Birthday [belated on my part] to Dawson and his cool Dad!

steven said...

hello linda - it's intriguing to watch the stages and phases of my children's lives. the parallels and divergences thrill me equally! dawson is always grateful for whatever he receives in his life but he does have high hopes for what those things might be! one more year and he becomes a driver. i'm thinking that he and i might take lessons together! hmmmmmm. have a lovely day linda. steven

steven said...

hello bonnie - your son's birthday was the eleventh! then you know all about december babies and school etc! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

hello hope - i think it's so cool that i get to spend time with my boy and my girl and watch and be a part of the their becoming. it's hard and worthy work!!! have a peaceful day. steven

The Honorable Mention said...

Truly touching...artist, poetic...that which comes from the heart reaches the heart...
Thank you for sharing.