Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve day

henry john yeend king 'twas the night before christmas

there's a hushed expectancy
about this day
that echoes back through my life
to days
when waking
with one day to go
was almost too much to bear!

the hope.
the anticipation.
all wrapped and carefully placed
under the tree.

there to be seen.
there not to be touched!

still fresh in my mind
the memory of
the sound of reindeer paws on the roof -
i heard them once -

the shadow of father christmas
- i saw him tiptoe past the foot of my bed
as i lay in half-sleep

the glory of food
to outshine feasts on any other day of the year

and even the forgotten memories
conspire to draw this day deeper
into that magical land
where it is possible to imagine
vast christmas stockings
arriving at the foot of your bed
bulging with chocolates
and little toys

the feet of the christmas tree
surrounded by brightly wrapped presents
all tumbling
one over the other
in their abundance.

pure joy!
but for now, one more sleep

one more sleep!


Dan Gurney said...

I, too, cherish fond childhood memories of this time of year. Your post rekindled these warm feelings. Thank you.

Dave King said...

Superb. Loved the poem.

And all the very best of the season's blessings to you and yours.

steven said...

ahh dan, i lov those memories. i have a very different relationship to christmas now of course as a fifty-two year old man. both my children are in their early to mid-teens and while it is exciting after a fashion for them, it isn't the same as when they were younger. that's alright. i'm thrilled to see them every day!!!! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

hello dave!!! i'm glad you enjoyed your visit here. have a peaceful day. steven

Barry said...

I don't often stop to think back to my childhood days, to recall the intense excitement of Christmas. It is such a different experience from that of an adult.

Thanks for the reminder Steven.

Have a memorable Christmas!

Golden West said...

What a charming book cover you've chosen, Steven. Wishing you and your family all the best at Christmas and throughout the new year. Visiting you daily has been a delight!

Crafty Green Poet said...

yes it was definitely a time of great anticipation as a child!

I really like your new header photo, very wintry!

Have a very happy Christmas!

Crafty Green Poet said...

yes it was definitely a time of great anticipation as a child!

I really like your new header photo, very wintry!

Have a very happy Christmas!

ellen abbott said...

Have a wonder holiday with your family steven. Cherish your memories and make new ones for your kids.

steven said...

hello barry - i had a fairly simple childhood. churchy in many respects but also with magical experiences that i still treasure. i like to look back on those special experiences because i know that they came at a time when my family didn't have much money and so the magic that i recall came from much less than i have now. have a lovely day before christmas barry! steven

steven said...

oh thanks golden west! for all of your comments here and for all those you have so generously left on other visits!!!! have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

hello crafty green - i have many more wintry pictures coming - as soon as i can get a good stretch of tiem together to prepare the photographs i am taking!!!! see you then . . . . steven

steven said...

hey thanks ellen! every year is unique and so i place as few expectations on the coming one as i can. it's like priming a canvas . . . not knowing what's going to wish to appear through your brushes. have a lovely holiday. steven

Jenny Stevning said...

As I mentioned, I am not feeling it this year, and I so much appreciate your words from a comment that reminded me that is OK! But this post does allow me to drift back to childhood memories...strong and wonderful memories of Christmas! Ah, they were magical and the intensity of excitement was unparalleled. Thank you, Steven. Merry Christmas Eve Day!

steven said...

hi jenny stevning! it is alright not to feel anything anytime! you feel what you feel. the challenge - especially at times like this - is that there are so many expectations of what this time should look like and feel like. in terms of the past; i'm really happy to look back at the selected memories i have throughout my life. in terms of the present; i simply try to be. just to be. in terms of the future; well, i see what each day brings and i'm grateful for whatever arrives!!! at the end of every day i get to say thankyou for something. how good is that!! i'm glad you can draw on lovely memories. you're very fortunate for that!!! steven

hope said...

I don't care how old I get, I STILL wake up in the middle of the night and think, "Is it time yet?" :)

That was the best part of having a baby brother...we'd get HIM to keep yelling that as soon as daybreak hit until the parents gave up and let us get out of bed. :)

Here's wishing you and the ones you love the very best Christmas ever!

Meri said...

Treasuring memories of wonderful Christmases certainly motivates us to create wonderful memories for those around us. Have a blessed holiday with family and friends.

Linda Sue said...

With out house torn up, the furnace broken, freezing cold weather- huddled with a hot water bottle in my shirt- the season's spirit has rather been less joyful this year...until your post! I am feeling excited- that childhoodish sort...thanks, I really need that!

steven said...

hello hope - now that's magic!!! my son and i were just out for a walk and he asked me if there was any chance that his little sister could be quiet in the morning so he could sleep in. hope do you know the sound of derisive laughter?!!!! it fell out of me like there was no tomorrow!!! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

meri thankyou so much! i wish you and your family and friends a lovely christmastime also. steven

steven said...

linda sue good grief!!!! i had no idea how crazy things were over there!!!! well in addition to my christmas wishes i'll send you a wish for a much improved home and heat asap!!!! steven

Kay said... to you steven..xx

steven said...

thankyou very much for thos thoughtful wishes kay. have a lovely christmas eve and of course . . . a memorable christmas day! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Leave it to you to be able to explain the magic of Christmas so so beautifully!

One more sleep indeed!

Happiest Christmas, Steven!

steven said...

reya that's sweet and you know - it's like all of life - there's more magic than can possibly be described!!!! my kids are pretty excited by the whole of the christmas experience. tomorrow i spend most of the day cooking for my family which i love to do. i've got some awesome recipes to follow up the excesses of the day with so i can see my way clear to some clever creations for a few days! my favourite though is being with my children. can i call my thirteen and fiteen year old coolkids children?! time for a glass of wine to see in the eve. steven