Sunday, December 13, 2009

i have two ways of loving you

i love the very different
facial expressions
on these women
as the triremes return below.

three stories.
three moments.

three points in space and time
from which inferences blossom.

he returned.
he was lost.
is that him?

sir lawrence alma-tadema a coign of vantage

i have two ways of loving you:
a selfish one
and another way that is worthy of you.

in my selfish love, i remember you and you alone.
in that other love, you lift the veil
and let me feast my eyes on your living face.


hope said...

I looked at the women and wondered if we gave the same women the same quality? :)

As always, a welcome break from the to and fro of pre-holiday working.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Picture and words - both lovely steven.

steven said...

hello hope! as i prepared this post i hoped (no pun intended my dear!) that visitors would offer their own interpretations of what could be passing through the minds of those three women. there are some intriguing possibilities! have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

thankyou weaver! steven

Jenny Stevning said...

I am melting from the quote. I love the art. Amazing.

steven said...

hi jenny stevning . . . it's a beautiful piece of writing and i'm glad you really saw it!!! steven

Barry said...

There are indeed intriguing possibilities, Steven. The painting is an excellent snapshot of three women whose lives are on the cusp of change. It would be interesting to have a second painting of them a minute or two later.

Linda Sue said...

I have two ways of loving your blog- one way is all gushy and over the top- the other is way more gushy and over the top...

Golden West said...

Those colors! A delicious feast for the eyes!

steven said...

well linda sue i am not averse to gushiness. let 'er rip!! steven

steven said...

i so agree golden west!!! it's a gorgeous work. have a lovely day yourself. steven

steven said...

hi barry - such a cool idea. i wonder if there's an artist out there who would take a piece like this and then run it into something with a bit of a visual narrative. have a lovely day. steven