Saturday, December 5, 2009

from among hundreds of masts

view of a harbour caspar david friedrich

from among hundreds of masts

from among hundreds of masts
leaving shores and banks and bays,
are there many to be lost
broken by the winds and waves?

from among birds of passage,
flying over lands and seas,
are there many to be drowned
by the waves and by the sea?

if you chase away your luck
or ideals, all you have,
you are followed everywhere
by the winds and by the waves.

undeciphered is the thought
that keeps passing through your chants
as they fly, they murmur it
all these winds and all these waves.

mihai eminescu - translation by gabriela bernea


Jenny Stevning said...

Gasp! I love your new blog photo! The artwork and the poem remind me of my rather romantic notions of port towns, the ocean, fishermen, and sailors lost at sea. I have always thought living in a lighthouse would be quite a romantic adventure.

Golden West said...

You and I both had waves on the mind today, Steven! Love the new photo on your header - perfect for the changing of the seasons as we move into winter.

Barry said...

I like your new header as well. And the poem was a perfect match for the artwork. Both very moody and thoughtful.

steven said...

hi jenny stevning! the berries are hangining on a bush about seventy five metres from where i'm typing. an early morning walk with just enough sun and some frost and bingo bango there you go!!! the idea of being on an island - a lighthouse, a cottage, supplies ferried in, the odd storm, lots of time to paint and write and play music, read, listen to music - is so appealing. have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

thankyou very much barry! i'm in a moody and thoughtful frame of mind these last few days. not dark or unhappy just sensitive perhaps even pensive. have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

hi golden west - i see what you mean. check this out for more info on clark little: (you'll have to copy and paste that address i'm afraid as i can't create a live link in my comments box!) have a lovely day. steven

ellen abbott said...

Love the new header steven.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Love the image and the poem. You keep surpassing yourself steven - with posts that pull and enchant.

Reya Mellicker said...

How beautiful! It's a rainy stormy day in DC - I'm thinking I'll walk down to the National Gallery and look at some beautiful paintings. Wish you could join me - but that really would be a long bike ride!

Love your new banner, so cheerful and wintery.

Pauline said...

Coming to read here is like a trip to an eclectic museum where the docent recites poetry. I am always surprised and delighted.

Elizabeth said...

Ah, another Casper David Freidrich fanatic.
I think we have rather similar romantic tastes
or maybe just a love of well observed and lovely landscape.

steven said...

oh bonnie thankyou! i love the challenge of finding words and images that adequately describe the feelings or sense i have of a time or an experience. i am always amazed that my readers not only "get" what i'm saying, but enjoy their visit as well. so thankyou. steven

steven said...

reya - thanks for the invite. i'd love to be in a big old gallery today with you! in a year and a bit my son dawson will be starting on the road to becoming a driver. i'm thinking it might be a good window for me to learn that skill alongside him. then i can drive places i've always wanted to be. have a nice rainy dc evening reya. steven

steven said...

pauline thankyou and i am really glad for you that what speaks to me also speaks to you! have a peaceful evening. steven

steven said...

elizabeth - we're on the same romantic page!!! i also admire extraordinary people whose gifts and talents shine from them as do casper's. thanks for visiting. steven

steven said...

thankyou ellen. steven

Joanna said...

Wow--I love your new header Steven. It almost makes me want to experience some frost. Isn't it wonderful that we can share our visions this way?