Thursday, August 9, 2012

the noble pursuit (iii)

teams started to arrive at the cafe even as we poured water and caffeinated enthusiasm into our already weary bodies so we joked with them and let them know that we weren't in this for money, fame, or even a podium finish - ya know - just sayin'! good thing actually because even if there was a possibility of any one of those three, we were not in the running . . . not by a loooong shot. and i'm okay with that actually . . . . uh huh!

so back on the bikes and away we went with a little fuel on board and sixty or more kms to go.

the roads dove and wound around and up and over and back down the other side of hills with pretensions to becoming mountains. it's almost as if the people who mapped out the road said . . ."nope, nope it's way quicker if we just go right over top instead of around these durned hills." 

on the plus side of the coin, the route was beautiful . . . seriously beautiful!

on the other side of the coin, well these hills were really tough. i don't care how strong a rider you are, these hills tested everyone. but none more than my buddy michael who developed sudden and excruciating calf cramps

that brought him off his bike after the really tough hills to 
massage his calf and drink lots of liquids.
how he managed to go on and eventually finish this ride is beyond me. but he did!

here are two of my favourite daves in the world - awesome people!

we knew we were close to home when we passed beautiful lang pioneer village.

and miraculously our pace picked up and our spirits lifted and on we rode knowing that we were that close to amazing food and beer! the stronger members of the team took turns giving michael a helping hand up and over the hills. take a look at the steepness and length of this one . . . it was typical in every way but one . . . i could be wrong, but this one looks paved!!!

sooooo close to home . . . 

and then suddenly we were back in the city and riding along familiar roads and trails and then
arriving in front of brio gusto who had prepared a magnificent feast and tapped a few kegs of spectacular beer for us and we were sitting down and sharing war stories and parking back heaps of everything and then just as suddenly it was time to ride home and we were trying to figure how that was possible - that we'd actually ride home - but we did.

and so that's what i can remember of an incredible adventure that i will never forget and which i sincerely hope i can repeat again next year - although i am told it'll be a different route - 
i am so grateful to the organizers for creating this incredible opportunity!


Pauline said...

ok, my legs are aching, my back hurts and I feel euphoric! well done, you!

aguja said...

Yes, indeed it was an incredible adventure. I love this post as it takes the reader into your world and the cycling that you love. The photographs give it a special dimension. Great post and refreshing to read.

Linda Sue said...

Surprised that no body dropped dead.
Killer biking but very lovely countryside. Good on you all! xxxoooCHEERS!

steven said...

pauline - truth - i didn't hurt until two days later . . . did my body suddenly realize what i'd asked it to do?! who knows . . . . ! steven

steven said...

aguja - yes it was an amazing epic adventure. a big part of it all was riding with such awesome people . . . . steven

steven said...

linda sue - no deaths, just cuts, bruises, bruised egos i bet, and i think one bonk to the head, these people are all strong and healthy and relatively young!!! steven