Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ride for Africycle 6.0 Day Two: Norman Hardie Winery to Kingston (Pt. 2)

On the other side of the ferry there are washrooms and so along with a break to use those facilities some discussion took place about moving the lunch spot from right where we were, to a spot maybe twenty kilometres down the road. Those present were in agreement as we'd had a pretty sweet ride to that point with a nice pushing from behind wind and smooth roads, and barely any climbing to speak of.

We passed several quaint little houses that might have seen better days but which still possessed the charm of a time gone by . . .

By this point we were all feeling really hungry. Maybe more than "hungry" actually, so seeing this sign


was truly uplifiting, and we piled off the road and started eating right away . . .

After an amazing lunch at which my first attempt at a cheese, cold meat, lettuce, tomato, cuke, mayo, and macaroni salad on a bun met with resounding success, we got back on the road and moved closer to the Lake once more.

And soon enough we were working our way into Kingston where we were to spend the night at the Victoria Hall residence of Queen's University.

A change of clothes and showers and then a walk downtown to find somewhere to eat worked wonders as did the beer and burger at works burgers followed by a walk to a the tir nan og irish pub

After that we wandered around the waterfront

and then I headed back to my room where I read for a while, wrote notes for this blog and finally slept fitfully in a student room that took me back to simpler times!!!!

Tomorrow back West to Presquile Provincial Park!!!

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