Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ride for Africycle 6.0 Day Two: Norman Hardie Winery to Kingston (Pt. 1)

Leaving Norman Hardie's we turned back onto the Loyalist Parkway and headed south through beautiful rolling countryside and past massive fields . . . I'd been told by one of Norman's staff that these were some of the original one hundred acre allotments given to the original settlers.


The road was fairly quiet and the morning unfolded gently and soon enough we found ourselves rolling into Bloomfield, home to the internationally adored Bloomfield Bicycle Company!!!


 The bikes all hung out together while we went in and said our hello's to these awesome people who are an annual tradition for us to reconnect with as we pass through on the Ride for Africycle extravaganza and epicurean road show . . . . It seems that they've bought a new truck . . . it's covered in cool bits and pieces . . .

By a cool coincidence, we met up with a rider who we had met earlier and who had told us at that time that he was from "near Rochester . . . Irondequoit Bay actually". Now that's a name that strikes terror into Ride for Africycle riders who have come down through the valley of the shadow of "the bridge" and known the early morning horrors of Rochester intimately. (No offence intended - dedicated Africyle supporter and reader, Rochester Rick!!). Anyhow, we met up with this same guy at Bloomfield and he drops on us that he actually lives in Webster, NY. "No way" we say. "Yes way" he replies. Webster is forever enshrined in the hearts of the RFA 5 riders who stayed in the fire hall in Webster, NY and experienced a level of hospitality and care that was nothing short of astonishing! If you're intrigued by that story then you should read this and this. It's a great story! Back to this story then . . . a litle look skyward revealed one wheel that needed truing . . .

and we picked up the bikes and left Bloomfield slowly passing its many gorgeous homes and gardens . . . en route to the ferry in Picton. Astonishingly we blew right past the Barley Days Brewery who are renowned for their generous and tasty free samples of beer. However, when we realized the error of our ways, we agreed to make a stop in on the way back! We rode carefully through the busy streets of Picton until we saw the sign for the ferry.

Each time I see this sign I think it's around the corner, but in fact it's miles away. No matter, more riding time is a good thing! Soon we were lining up with the campers and motorcycles and carloads of travellers at the ferry.

The ferry awaited.

So after the four-wheeled vehicles had piled on, we joined them.


It's a short but beautiful journey . . . .

Tomorrow onwards to Kingston!

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Looks lovely everywhere you go Steven. I have been to Kingston several times (if it is the one with a railway engine in the main street) - it is a lovely place.