Saturday, August 11, 2012

africycle ride

today i am leaving peterborough on my bike for the first leg of a five day journey that will see me go first to norman hardie winery where the ride for africycle team will get to eat a splendid dinner and enjoy some nice tasty liquids from norman's vineyard. we are camping in a field behind norman's establishment.

the next morning we are getting up to ride to kingston where we will be staying in a student residence at queen's university.

an early start the next morning sees us back out and about and biking south-east to presquile provincial park where we will stay for two days, using the campground as a base for day rides out and around the beautiful countryside and towns of prince edward county.

so what's this ride about other than the destinations i mention above? well we are fundraising for an organization called africycle. many followers of this blog have supported my ride in the past for which i am deeply grateful!

this is my third fundraising ride for africycle. the previous two saw me ride eleven hundred kilometres with the team around lake ontario. this year we are taking a shorter journey to reflect some current life changes that some of the riders are experiencing which affect our ability to commit to a longer ride.

however, next year we are hopeful that the ride we had actually planned for this year which was to ride to quebec city, will take place.

so, if you would like to support me on my ride with your kind thoughts, prayers, or donations that would be great. you know where to send kind thoughts and prayers (!), but if you would like to send a donation then click right here and get at it!! fyi . . . riders pay for all their own lodgings and food etc. so any donation goes 100% to africycle.

want to know more about africycle? go right here and have a look-see at what we do . . . .

i'll tell you all about it when i get back!!!      see youuuuuuuu!

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Shaista said...

Steven!! When you said 'Peterborough' I thought you meant like the next town from me - so close to where I live, and I was about to suggest we meet up!!
But...darnit... think maybe you don't mean England ;)

Good luck!!!