Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ride for Africycle 6.0 Day One: Peterborough to Norman Hardie Winery (Pt. 1)

As with the previous two rides I've enjoyed with the RFA team, sleep was virtually non-existent the night before. So that "waking" was done at three thirty in the morning for this one, came as no surprise to me! Happily and wisely, my bin had been packed the night before and along with my sleeping bag, pillow, camp chair and tent was sitting by the front door waiting to be transported to stately VanDerHerberg manor down on Perry Street.

Here are the wheels all ready to go and waiting patiently for the motor to get on board . . .

After hugs and kisses with my children, I set off into the cool morning air, riding through the relatively quiet streets of Peterborough and groggily made my way to The Silver Bean where the riders and a small group of well-wishers were gathered and where most importantly, mugs of coffee were already emerging from the Bean itself.

from l. to r. Devon Code, Andrea VanDerHerberg, William VanDerHerberg, Michael VanDerHerberg, and Handsome Dan Fraser.

from l. to r. Michael, Handsome Dan, and Kris Sieber

To our joy and surprise, we were joined by some of Peterborough's beautiful people including Sheila, Dave Blondel, Keith Anderson, Kai, Chris Vyn, and Maryam.

After a relaxed start to the morning, the little group of riders made their way out of the City along the bike path by the Otonabee River and then across Lansdowne, down River Road and out of town along the smooth sweeping curves of Wallace Point Road.

We crossed the Otonabee River a couple of times - here's a nice arty Black and White pic I took on the fly as we crossed the bridge not far from Squirrel Creek Conservation Area . . .

After we crossed the bridge, a little spitty rain fell on us but not enough to bother anyone. The bonus - a beautiful rainbow followed us for a few minutes!!

Soon, we were in Millbrook, home to the wonderful Pastry Peddler . . . purveyor of super good caffeinated beverages's and very tasty pastries . . .

Next up, out of Millbrook and down to Cobourg!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Well on your way and enjoying every minute by the sound of it steven.

steven said...

weaver it was a totally amazing journey. i'll be posting it bit by bit over the next several days!!!! steven