Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ride for Africycle 6.0 Day Four: A day off at Presquile

The tradition of a day off riding is a well-established Ride for Africycle feature. It usually takes place somewhere nice so there's all sorts of options that can include just lazing around, reading, taking photographs, going for bike rides, or napping. Whatever you wish!!

This day started relatively early as little William had big plans of his own . . . . I got to take him for a trip to the Lake which included looking at trucks and campers and flowers and tents and birds and bugs and trees and people and dogs and all sorts of eye-catching mind-blowing stuff. Being with a little dude like William is the best and quickest reminder of how amazing this world really is!!!

We walked past people making their coffee and bacon and stumbling around in their jammies, eyes half open.

We shared the shoreline with a slowly rising sun as well as a large group of Canada Geese and seagulls.


William was fascinated by the water of course, and wanted to make closer contact with the seagulls. Unfortunately his wishes were not matched by theirs and so no matter what he said, they flew away . . .

We headed back to the camp where there were signs and scents of cooking - the day before, Jerrett and Ben had bought six pounds of bacon (!) which we were gradually chiselling at, so the wonderful smell of bacon filled the air! Around the breakfast table we discussed various possibilities for the day. Kris wanted to head off on a long bike ride. Others were up for reading, playing board games and maybe a short bike ride later on . . . .

I read for a while in the sun and wrote some notes about the ride and soon enough it was lunch time which consisted of awesome burgers, salad, and chocolate milk.  After we'd finished lunch,  a group of us headed off for a ride around the park.

First we headed off to see the boardwalk through the massive wetlands at Presquile. To be totally immersed in massive tall wild grasses is a truly stunning and beautiful experience. Helpful guide notes along the way pointed out some of the other features of the wetlands.

From there we rode to the Camp store where we bought ice cream! I chose a flavour - chocolate-caramel surprise. The surprise? There was no chocolate or caramel anywhere to be found in it. It was vanilla ice cream! I love it!!! Happily there was cold Coke to wash it down.

From there we went to the famous Presquile lighthouse.

The lake was calm and the sky was soft. The stories posted around the lighthouse suggest that this isn't always so, as countless ships have sunk in this stretch of water . . . .

From the lighthouse we followed a shoreline path that gradually took us back to our campsite and some cold beers!

Our last night together unfolded with an amazing meal of steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and lotsa laughter as we set up a great big canopy tent over our meal as it started raining. A lovely end to a beautiful day!


Linda Sue said...

Loving every awesome moment- the photos are superb! what a ride!!! Loving your trip!! Thank you so much.

steven said...

linda sue . . .hurray for you riding along with us!!! i love creating these posts - really i do!!! steven

Cheryl Cato said...

Such a beautiful place. The blue sky is spectacular... one would not think rain was in the cards for that day. The wetlands are beautiful!