Thursday, April 12, 2012

with each wish

i let myself fall
into the stilled life force
of this fallen tree
in its tiny reaching
for the cold
of this
spring river


Valerianna said...

Maybe it dreams of going on the ride of its life to the ocean... it had a cousin once, who was cut and hollowed out to become a canoe. As a very young sapling, the tree wished for the same transformation when the canoe rode away down the river with the bark-skinned man and a dog. "Oh, if I have to die, may I be a vessel to carry my children to the sea...." a dream of a tree...

Pauline said...

and in falling, you become - love looking at life through your mind

steven said...

valerianna - this is so exquisite . . .a journey through the mind of this tree which i felt even as i straddled her body and even as i climbed off and touched her fingers touching the water . . . steven

steven said...

pauline . . . it's extremely happy-making and lovely to see the world . . . .steven

Jo said...

What a starkly beautiful composition your photo is, Steven. Your words are the perfect caption.