Friday, April 6, 2012

in this i locate my self

in this


this place
i call home

and which i fill
with all that i know and have known

and then

what i imagine
in my most fervent wishing
and hoping
and sometimes with the blessing
of a dream

i open the containment of this place
as subtly as air or water or flame
open the terms of this material world
into otherness
and thisness


and i am thankful to wake
each morning
if only to know that the possibility of grace
and the almost unbearably beautiful and perfect presence
of love
can arrive
in the most unlikely guises
and under the most extraordinary
terms -

some as simple
and some as complex
as life itself


the world is nothing but the birth of the beloved
without desire to see herself we ourselves would not exist

each instant sings a song about living god knows why
absurd and meaningless awareness of insanity and wisdom

claiming knowledge is wrong and gain through worship impossible
our world and our faith are the dregs of unknowing

wherever the beloved has walked and shown us
the dust of her footprints are all we can hold

we have named the beloved and know we are loved
the back of heaven is bent to greet us

from "the joy of the drop" 37 poems by ghalib


music by robert fripp from "love cannot bear"
which is available here


Valerianna said...

Ecstatic poetry - I left my stress for a moment while reading. Everything is possible, if only for a second.

aguja said...

I agree with Valerina - ecstatic poetry, especially the very first part which spoke to me in a particular way.
Thank you for sharing!

Jo said...


erin said...

Ecstatic poetry. oh, i like this. yes, bring on the ecstasy, as you do))


steven said...

valerianna - sometimes this place races through me and leaves a trail of love behind that i try to frame inside words . . . .steven

steven said...

aguja - i'm thankful for the opportunity to share with good people like yourself . . . steven

steven said...

jo - i'm filled with it and glad to share it with you. steven

steven said...

erin - yep. ecstacy - the letting go of the leaving behind and the whatevers . . .for the deeper mapping of this place. steven