Monday, April 23, 2012

she says


then fill
this sky

with the selflessness
my own

and i will become
the tree
of your imagining


The Weaver of Grass said...

There is something wonderful about trees isn't there Steven. I think it is that they live longer than we do and therefore seem to develop a wisdom of their own.

Butternut Squash said...

Confronted by obstacles below she is either limited by them or absorbs them. The sky has no limit, and what of the imagination?

Very nice!

steven said...

weaver i love trees and i know from reading your posts - especially the most recent about the forty acre wood - that they occupy an important place in your world also . . . i love watching them, being near them and especially imagining and sometimes hearing their stories . . . steven

steven said...

hello butternut!!! in this part of the season - so filled with growth - i especially love to sense the trees as they fill the sky and the earth with their longing and imagination . . . . steven