Friday, April 13, 2012

this ecstacy

if you could
the entirety
of who i am
and hold
in some way
the fullness of me
and come to know
the completeness
of my love
and my admiration
and my thankfulness
for all that i am
and all that is
then you would know
the wholeness
of all
of this place
i call "myself"
and you might come
to move outside
of that idea
and call the understanding
of your experiencing
"the universe"
or perhaps knowing better
than to name the nameless
being clever
you would know
that to name that without a name
pins it
against a wall)
you would stop
and see this game for what it is:
a wall
not of mine or even your creation

a place of comfort and security
easily defined
and easily learned
and easily moved onwards from
and so not close
to what
i know of you
and certainly not
what i know of myself


erin said...

i see you at work inside of this mystery.))


steven said...

erin - i wonder at your insight. this is a time of work for me beyond many other times of work . . . it's good work and difficult work but worthy and bearing fruit even as i wirte . . . . steven

Anonymous said...

this is deep as the ocean as deep as love desires to be.

steven said...

thankyou for your words paige . . . . steven