Tuesday, April 24, 2012

it does not seem

"... it does not seem that nature, as some divines would have us think, was built to stage man's miracle plays, or created as an illustration of his various religions. nature takes no account of man and his curious arts, his weird worships, but remains dark and unresponsive, beetling upon him as he creeps, ant-like, from his momentary past to his doubtful future, painfully carrying his tiny load of knowledge. but indifference is not hampering, as interference is; therefore those that feel within them the stir of a growing soul prefer the dour laws of earth to the drag of the herd of mankind, and fly from the house of man to the forest, where the emotionless silence always seems to be gathering, as waves mount and swell, to the disclosure of a mystery."

mary webb
excerpted from "the house in dormer forest"
(the entire book can be downloaded as a pdf at this site)


John Romeo Alpha said...

We go out there and are reminded how little we know, and how much we feel.

ellen abbott said...

I imagine every creature sees itself as the center of the universe and marvels at the dumbness of all the others.

steven said...

jra - so true and experienced daily . . . . steven

steven said...

ha ellen . . . that's seriously good . . . . steven