Monday, April 4, 2011

oh the mystery

i'd like to share some beautiful music that was recorded at the punkt festival in september of last year.

here are a few words excerpted from this piece:

well it may have been complete and painless that place
where i could not be reached and went unharmed
i would cultivate my virtues and my vows
and contemplate the stream in days ahead
in that place

i have followed the scent like a stray dog
i have trust in what i found
and welcomed it inside

the undertow
though perilous to avoid
a chasm in the very heart of things
in that place

and oh the mysteries

the mystery

ladies and gentlemen, your headphones please . . . .

jan bang: samples
lars danielsson: double bass
sidsel endresen: vocals
jon hassell: trumpet, keyboards
arve henriksen: trumpet
erik honoré: live sampling
additional information about this music and other music by jan can be found here.


Elisabeth said...

Oh the mysteries, Steven. This gentle music has made my day. Thankyou.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

One word I thought of was--peaceful.

Thank you for sharing!

Tracy :)

steven said...

elisabeth - it began mine so i know what you mean!!!! steven

steven said...

hello tracy! - i am an admirer of the work of many of the musicians who came together to create this music. each creates spaces that would epitomize the word peaceful. i'm glad you enjoyed your visit! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh the mysteries! Wow.

The banner is incredible - and mysterious. What am I looking at?

ellen abbott said...

love the new header, as always.

Linda Sue said...

Your header looks southern...This music is the sort that I love in my studio- time is non existent, anything is possible.Thank you!
What do your kids think of your music choices, I wonder? Erik would say "YAWN, Mom!" He moves about at hummingbird frequency...

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

Steven, estava desejando chegar a casa para poder ouvir...
Sem duvida uma musica mágica que nos faz sonhar... paraíso, mistério...e tudo o que isso possa despertar.
Em uma palavra: Soberbo
Obrigada por partilhares.

steven said...

reya i lay under a palm-thatched roof one afternoon in cuba and was drawn to its details. this is palm. up close. there were intimations of grace in the tumbling lines of the palm leaves' bodies. oh the mystery. steven

steven said...

ellen - thankyou. i have a lot of fun preparing the headers. i think of them as if they are a front door, a hug, sparkling eyes, a gift. steven

steven said...

linda sue - i so appreciate music that steps out of time and is almost purely about colour and texture and the space is rich and kind and not hung up on the arrow of time. my children are sixteen and fourteen and they know me for who i am. but it's difficult for them - perhaps even moreso than it was for me at the same age - because my life is very much off-centre. my son is a guitarist and his own music runs towards the heroic. my daughter is a listener. her taste runs towards the popular. but i've listened to music that is "difficult" or "off-centre" since i was their age so i'm pretty much beyond saving. steven

steven said...

hello oa.s where were you that you couldn't hear this music? i'm so glad that you were able to enjoy it somewhere. it is representative of much of the music that fills the air in my own part of the world. steven

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

I was working :) but now i'm at home and I could apreciate...beautiful
Good night Steven

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I love jan's voice and the trumpet is superb! My favorite line may well be: "i have followed the scent like a stray dog i have trust in what i found". Having trust in what we find is indeed realizing a belief in oneself. Beautiful

steven said...

ahhh oa.s i see! it's the irony of my work as a teacher that i ahve access to technology but not the time to use it when i am in school. good night. steven

steven said...

hey lizzy i'm glad you enjoyed the music! steven


..what a soulful voice... i was carried away for a moment of silence and reflection...thanks a lot.

Have a blessed day.


steven said...

hey windowlad - thanks for the generous wish. i'm delighted that the music became yours for the time you were here. steven