Thursday, April 28, 2011

his heart

they run blindly along rain-softened red brick alleyways,
the breeze of their passing like so many silk threads through an ever-expanding eyelet.

rounding a corner, she stops.

her arms stretching like soft arrows from the bow of her shoulders,
she extends one leg behind her.

holding the moment, holding the pose.

she turns her head to watch
as he rounds the corner still running.

his heart races ahead of him - a kaleidoscopic candy-iced orb.

drawing her many-ringed and hennaed hand down her face,
she lets it settle on her hip.

and like a pollen-covered bee,
she gently extracts herself from the pose
and kisses him.

their mouths bloom with a sudden flowering of vanilla, cumin, and cherries.

the thin blue-grey edge of a rope of candle smoke circles their heads.


Elisabeth said...

Steven, your writing is really taking off into the mot amazing places. Thanks.

steven said...

elisabeth thankyou very much! i'm opening a few doors to let the breezes pass through. steven

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

steven, your poem involves us with a light touch of seduction.

steven said...

oa.s, hmmmmmm. steven

hope said...

Beautiful words on what here is a potentially stormy, destructive day. Thank you.

steven said...

hope i've been following the story of the weather in america and i wish that everyone is safe. steven

Lucy Westenra said...

Very descriptive writing. Thank you

Jo said...

Just lovely, Steven.

I especially like the thought of extracting oneself from a pose. My daughter once spoke of a friend who "got stuck in the mirror" in much the same way. hmmm.

"drawing her many-ringed and hennaed hand down her face"...exquisite image.

Helen said...

I am always pleasantly surprised ~ though I shouldn't be ~ how easily you paint vivid, intricate pictures with your words.

steven said...

lucy! well thankyou. steven

steven said...

jo - it's there as a set of words or a set of phrases and then it spins into what it is. i saw her hand so vividly. him, i saw nothing of. he was empty and casting sacharine shadows with the candy of his heart. steven

steven said...

helen, - you're so kind! i have depths to plumb. ways to enter and then also ways to leave behind. steven

C.M. Jackson said...

quite the chase --like the winds playing tag with clouds today--one minute sun, the next rain--beautiful-c

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Beautiful imagery!

Anna :o]

Liza Ursu said...

fantastic imagery here steven.

"their mouths bloom"
"a rope of candle smoke"
oh man!

Tumblewords: said...

A lovely image from start to finish!