Saturday, April 2, 2011

by this river

cottages by a river frits thaulow

the morning sky breaks warm and pale

softly straddling the little cottages
it follows the gentle curve of the water's edge
to a sun-softened rock

she makes her way to this place each day
without exception

i wonder at her devotion
to the reflection that welcomes her

a watery plaything

it becomes
the stained glass of her eyes
the arched vaulting of her mouth

caught in the liquid whorls and eddies
her lips form the shapes of words

soundless prayers
in the engulfed cathedral
of herself


OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

Magnifico poema.
Magnifica musica, adoro Debussy

Have a nice day

steven said...

hello oa.s! thankyou for your kind thoughts. i'm glad you also appreciate debussy. this is one of my favourite pieces by him. steven

Elisabeth said...

Stunning music Steven. It takes us away beside your river. Thank you.

R. Burnett Baker said...

Such a perfect blending of art, music, and your beautiful verse! Such a pleasant way to begin the morning....

steven said...

isn't it lovely elisabeth!!! steven

steven said...

rick - it's early in our neck of the woods. saturday. there's work to be done today so i thought it kind to set a gentler reflective tone. thanks for your kind comment. steven

ellen abbott said...

what a beautiful painting. I want to live in one of those cottages.

Helen said...

This Debussy piece works perfectly with your poem and the art. (also one of my favorites)

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

Steven, I love this one (Clair de Lune)
I hope enjoy it :)


steven said...

it is really lovely ellen. make it happen. steven

steven said...

helen thankyou very much!!! steven

steven said...

oa.s thankyou for the link. i've banked it to begin my sunday morning. steven

NanU said...

it's always amazing to be walking along a stream and come upon just such a row of houses in the soft light, and think - the world really does look like a painting, they weren't just making it up!
beautiful poem.

steven said...

nancy i had such experiences in the south of england and once walking alongside the manchester ship canal. they were reawakened when i saw this painting. the writing - well i wrote this but it really didn't grab the essence of what was inmme at the time. i want to rework it somehow and let it find its space. steven