Sunday, July 25, 2010

the long cold rainy day remembering

on this memory
of a rainy day
when all the powers
that be
and have been created
are hovering side-by-side
by side
in my remembering

and there's so little to redeem
the deep-seated hopelessness

no hope for changing
the feeling
of cold within
and without
my body

i find solace and release
in the music of riceboy sleeps
as it reminds me
of the moment
of promise
within each raindrop



Richard Jesse Watson said...

Profound words, music and visual poetry. I was mesmerized. Happy summer wind in your face.

Noelle Renee said...

Rich, Rainy Reflections. I love the visuals and the sense created with the poem itself. It is a feeling many have shared. The music is a welcome place of refreshment, a poem in sound. Thank you.

ALeks said...

..endless beauty in this somewhat melancholy post....
Happy days to you and yours Steven!
I learned this from Delwyn!! :)

Dan Gurney said...

Is there anything more beautiful than water? Your poetry, this music, well, they come close, don't they?

ellen abbott said...

It's all part of the balance.