Monday, July 19, 2010

beast of burden

i'm feeling lazy today,
listening to some big city in the summer jazz
from back in the day when the two were intertwined,
told stories about each other
and were all over the grey scale
in a colourful sort of way.

this is music to listen to
while you're sitting back in a big old chair
with your feet on the window-ledge
or leaning out the window
with the tunes as a soundtrack
for the stories unfolding below.

near at hand - lemonade, beer from the fridge perhaps,
or a jug of californian wine.

donald byrd (t), mobley (ts), best (vib), burrrell (g), hancock (p), warren (b), humphries (d), perkinson (vcl).


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Lorenzo said...

The perfect musical accompaniment to that session by the window sill ... I love this album (and have it on vinyl and CD). One of my favorite tunes on it is "Cristo Redentor" for some redemptive moments watching those street stories unfold.

steven said...

lorenzo i'm so glad you share my appreciation for this music!! i love music, jazz fits and creates certain times and moods so well. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Fabulous kick back and drink cold beverages music. Love it! So smoooooothe!

I've been listening to super old jazz lately, from the 20's. I love those old crackly recordings.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Methinks that maybe school holidays have begun???

Friko said...

I think it will have to be the wine . . .

Friko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Friko said...

The deleted comment is me too, something is not quite right for me here; either I can't leave a comment or I'm leaving two. As I am listening to the music, it doesn't much matter that I am hanging around.
In fact, it's a great pleasure.
Thanks, steven.
Happy Summer!

TechnoBabe said...

I like old pictures like this. I didn't grow up like this in a city environment, always lived in country and rural areas. But this looks so nice to be part of a community doesn't it? We like jazz in our house too, and mostly instrumentals.

willow said...

Love that old brownstone photo! I'll take a cold beer, please. Mind if I flop on your sofa and listen a while?

steven said...

reya - i love the really old jazz also - partly for the opening it gives into that world. grainy, scratchy, messy. steven

steven said...

wevaer they have well and truly begun - june 30th was my last working day before the summer then off for a ten day bike ride and now home for a week before heading to canada's east coast for some real rest and relaxation!!! steven

steven said...

friko - leave a kazillion comments it's alright. i'm not sure what's not working for you but i did take away the need to write those mixed up words to verify you're human. i'll likely pop them up again in a few days as i leave for a holiday away for a week. steven

steven said...

technobabe i grew up in cities right from birth although not in the parts of cities that looked like the piece in the photograph. i like music- good music - which of course is entirely in the mind of the listener! steven

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, steven nice music.

steven said...

hey dan - you're very welcome! steven