Saturday, July 17, 2010

don't sleep

a sleepy green
curving morning
sweeping 'round the field
of awareness
yuo could stop and watch
or head off
into the fog
you see . . .

the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
don't go back to sleep.

you must ask for what you really want.
don't go back to sleep.

people are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.

the door is round and open.
don't go back to sleep.

from "essential rumi" translated by coleman barks


Renée said...

beautiful and truthful words and a peaceful picture!
Have a nice day, dear Steven!

TechnoBabe said...

Sometimes when I wake up and am still drowsy, I think I will just go back to sleep a little longer, but if I get up and get going with my morning, I am happy I got up. Another day of joy.

willow said...

Ah, those two worlds touch in your photo, Steven. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Helen said...

Perfect offering ..........

Golden West said...

One of my favorite summer pictures you've captured, Steven - I love how the "future" beyond is shrouded in mystery.