Friday, July 2, 2010


this place

this little world
spinning and hurtling
through space
is so extraordinary
it often leaves me breathless

and as i pass through my life
and experience the little parts of its
that i am blessed to experience

truly blessed

i am grateful
deeply grateful

vilhelm hammershøi the rowan avenue at snekkersten

let us bless
the imagination of the earth,
that knew early the patience
to harness the mind of time,
waited for the seas to warm,
ready to welcome the emergence
of things dreaming of voyaging
among the stillness of land

excerpted from john o'donohue's "in praise of the earth"

vilhelm hammershøi young beech forest, frederiksværk

i am leaving today from peterborough, ontario at 8:30 a.m. on a ten day fundraising bicycle ride
around lake ontario.
i have prepared posts in my absence.
however, i won't be able to respond
to your comments as i like to do when time permits!

enjoy your time whatever you're doing
and like i said yesterday,
i'll come back with a stack of pics that i'll share here and over on my bicycle blog!



jinksy said...

Here's power to your pedal pushing legs, and and padding for your saddle! LOL :) Have a safe and profitable trip...

steven said...

thanks jinksy! the padding part's something i think about a lot actually!!! ouch!! steven

TechnoBabe said...

Pace yourself and get lots of pictures to share when you finish.
Your backside will be numb after a few miles each day.

Friko said...

My best wishes for a successful ride go with you. Take care!