Friday, July 16, 2010

the land of evermore neverwas

looking across the soft morning fields
get lost in the blur
of waking
and seeing in a day
across the wildplants
and the distant fogbound trees
that float in shades of grey
beyond which lies
the land of evermore neverwas


willow said...

I used to be able to look out my kitchen window and see fogbound trees in the distance like that, 22 years ago, before the big housing addition was built. I remember it being truly magical.

Dan Gurney said...

the land of evermore neverwas and alwaysis.

Noelle Renee said...

It is a beautiful image. I too have seen it when I lived up on the pass above Santa Barbara, above the clouds, but you are speaking of the time just after waking when there is a unique sort of consciousness, just a level above the boundary of dreams. If one takes that into the world then trees do appear to float in shades of grey and plants seem wild. The land you are speaking of lies within perhaps?

Rima said...

Your blog is a constant delight Steven :) Beautiful.

Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous in black and white, Steven, never more, never land and yet at the same time everyland.

Suz said...

deep delightful thoughts
that take me to that place

Okie said...

Very cool. I love the thoughts invoked by the poem...I'm also intrigued by the land suggested by the title....could make for a cool environment for a story. :)

Valerianna said...

Welcome back, Steven! Hope the ride was great... I'll visit your cycling blog for info.

Lovely post, and I like the one before a lot, too. Interesting, I've noticed as well that sometimes we post similar images... my latest post as a watercolor not unlike the image above. Its happened before, wonder...

Listening to thunder and enjoying your image of the "distant fogbound trees"... thanks!

Reya Mellicker said...

I believe I am almost caught up with your blog since your trip. I am LOVING all the cloud pics and paintings. It's all about the sky in mid=summer, yes? I say yes.

Love Peter Gabriel maybe partly because we share the same birthday, and that song is delicious.

England is such a magical landscape, and yes weird, but always makes me feel somehow "important" when I place my feet into the landscape. I'm talking about southern England, all those counties of rolling hills and such.

Glad to be back in touch. Shalom.

Linda Sue said...

Still and quiet and mysterious- bright sunshine is not welcome there- it would frighten the smallies. I can't believe that your trip came and went already! That was quick!