Sunday, July 11, 2010

in the floating world

in the simple smear
of night-time clouds on water
pink visions arrive


Noelle Renee said...

Beautiful photo and a lovely and poetic idea that clouds are visions or reflections of the imagination upon the unconscious (water). These reflections are then manifested in the world. (My take on it).
Hope you had a great trip Steven,

Renée said...

Beautiful thoughts for special and unique images!
Have a nice day, Steven!

Elisabeth said...

So I discover you're away Steven. Wonderful offerings in your absence.

Lorenzo said...

Wonderful images and haiku, Steven. You write so well while away, I just shudder to think what treats are in store for us when you return ;)

ALeks said...


Valerianna said...

I'm captivated by those images - both seen and read. And mindful that you're out in the elements, doing your thing.... nice to feel that.

Noelle said...

Hi Steven,
Just one more thing. Just a brief note to let you know I started a new blog this weekend. Check it out if you have time at all. Hope your trip has been glorious.

willow said...

Extra amazing photos!