Monday, December 24, 2007

two or three wheels

i like the motorcycle world - it’s so close to the bicycling world, but with a motor attached -that i feel a sort of kinship with the riders. i have pulled up to many stoplights and had great conversations with motorcyclists who perhaps recognize the technological roots of their own means of transportation in my own humble velocipede. or perhaps they’re wondering why a fifty year old man would risk life and limb on the weather beaten, potholed, roads of peterpatch.

the motorcycle carries the same flies in your teeth, throw caution to the wind, the “car is the common enemy” kind of panache as a bike, but it does things a lot quicker, and in some ways a lot more safely and practically. but like the bicycle it shares a common "enemy" well several really, but the one that comes to mind after cars is the weather. i have seen enclosed bicycles and they look, well not quite right. so how about enclosing the motorcycle?

there’s something about the motorcycle and enclosing it that takes it another step along the evolutionary path and of course there are people out there doing just that. in my searching for someone who takes care of this idea in an aesthetically and practically pleasing manner, this company looks to have the most refined product.

and here’s my favourite product of all, the monotracer .

but let’s say that two wheels aren’t enough for you. then the bombardier b.r.p. may be the machine for you.

how cool is that!! i

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