Thursday, December 20, 2007

beltin' big choons

man i miss my bike these days. i miss the freedom, the feeling of achievement when i finish riding to or from school - no more than 10k each way but still, i survived the road, the weather, and especially the hills. these days i ride in a big ol’ car with a colleague to school, and walk or hitch a ride home. the walk is an hour and a half and i like it except for the fact that it’s so slippy and walking through soft snow is tough going.

i think a lot as i walk and if i think about bikes i usually think about gear. i was thinking tonight about music. music on a bike? why not? i've often wondered if i could bring myself to have music along for the ride because - all poetic licence and flies in the teeth romanticism aside - i love the sound of the wind in my ears and the sounds of everything around me, be it a car, a truck, a wind rushing through a woods, or even the angry bellowing of some sorry ass pickup truck driver alerting me to the fact that i'm on the road! oh and of course it's HIS road!!

but then when i really think about it, i'm not sure that i would want music along for the ride because i probably would want to stop and listen to the tunes. or lose what little focus i can muster and end up attached to the bumper of some vehicle heading the wrong way.

but you know, sitting here in peterborough - in the suburbs of peterborough - it seems like there's a whole heap of bike culture that's out there waiting to be joined, refined, and definitely emulated. here’s one small part of it:

check this out - big choons on a bike .

here's one of da boys wit his system!!

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