Sunday, December 23, 2007

and as it's going

early sunday morning. no sun yet. my own son is getting ready for a seven a.m. hockey practice.

a quiet beginning to the day is in order.

sunset rail - a moment where the setting sun caught snow on the railing of my deck.

and as it's going
and as it's going often at love's breaking,
the ghost of first days came again to us,
the silver willow through window then stretched in,
the silver beauty of her gentle branches.
the bird began to sing the song of light and pleasure
to us, who fears to lift looks from the earth,
who are so lofty, bitter and intense,
about days when we were saved together.
Anna Akhamatova (1889 – 1966)

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver December, 2000
Edited by Dmitry Karshtedt February, 2001
a similar picture on another day in another location of my deck.

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