Thursday, December 13, 2007

bic medium point (blue or black)

since i was in my mid teens, the bic medium point pen has been a friend, an object of desire, a means to an end and a saviour. poetry, letters, journals, essays, ideas, drawings, dreams, fantasies, wishes, applications have all poured from its slender, smooth body.
i recently became aware of its iconic status at amazon u.k. where several fans have written erudite and informative prose regarding this under rated writing implement. after a hasty meeting of the golden fish executive editorial staff, each of whom brought their own perspectives and lovely drinks, it was agreed that we should add something to the lovefest going on across the atlantic.
my fondest memory of the bic medium point goes all the way back to grade five when one day i had a supply teacher who was wearing glasses. an innocuous but firm woman, i saw my advantage and pressed it home. unfortunately i got busted but here is my greatest accomplishment in using the bic medium point as a spitball tube

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