Tuesday, August 18, 2009

transformative moments around the world

i found this pinecone in a gutter near my home and stuck it in the top of a bottle. (click on the image to fill your screen)

hello bloggy chums and visitors!!!

well it's the day i thought about a couple of weeks ago - "a transformative moment".
bloggy chums are already posting their thoughts all around the world.
remember, it's tomorrow already in australia!!

i'll be adding to this list as the day unfolds and people post their moments.
please have a wander around and marvel at the incredible company we keep!!!

a special thankyou to the writers who have helped make this happen!!!

so, surprise surprise!!! first out of the gate is the famous and scrumptious
(check out her pic on her blog if you doubt me!!)
willow over at willow's manor.

go here and read an incredible piece of writing from the amazing titus

next up, the insightful and creative bonnie from la belle province.

from wales, the talented poet and photographer caroline.

joy of joys!!! the lovely delwyn from australia has something very special here.

from way down in texas, the talented writer and extraordinary glass sculptor ellen.

and now from one of the more beautiful parts of the beautiful province of ontario (in which i also live!!) jenn!

i'm happy to see that linda has checked in with her magic musings.

oh and from wayyyy out west in beautiful california, daughter of the golden west (and how gorgeous is that moniker?!!!)

hurray!!! here's word from the reyaverse!

from eighty kilometres southwest of me here's barry (and perhaps a little bit of lindsay!)

kay's clever and gentle thoughts will transport you!!

from wayy down south in texas, here's lizzy.

another visitor from texas, the redoubtable goldenrod - the first person to read this blog other than myself!!! thanks for sticking with me goldenrod!!

from my imaginative wordsmith chum across the pond - here's dave!

six thousand miles west of dave is the insightful and clarity-providing dan.

from the magic beauty of wensleydale, here are words from the weaver.

the enormously talented world -traveller tessa has extraordinary stories and images for you.

from out in beautiful british columbia, joanna shares the latest step on her life journey.

my bloggy mate sid (king crimson biographer, brilliant photographer, music reviewer without equal and more if you can believe it!!) has checked in from scenic whitley bay, up on the yorkshire coast.

my newest blog friend nanu has come through with her very own transformative moment!!! wow!! talk about being right on the ball!!!!

rose marie has invited readers to view the stunning artwork and poetry at her site.

eryl (a.k.a. the kitchen bitch) has posted a knockout piece of writing that (if you're anything like me), you'll be revisiting just to squeeze every last brilliant drop out of it!!

never too late for more guests - here's meri!!!!

and speaking of a little late but always welcome. here's emma. nip over to her site to see what incredible things she can do for people getting married . . . .it's honestly incredible!!! what a talent!!

wait a minute, who's that poking her head 'round the door? oh it's rachel from up in scotland. come on in rachel!!

oh and there's somebody right behind rachel . . . it's friko!!!!! hello friko come on in!

somebody's knocking at the door! oh my goodness it's amy. thank goodness you found this place!!!!

oh amy could you hold the door for sec, i think that's
kathleen right behind you!!


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

steven - you are doing a fabulous job hosting and organizing this meme. I'm so enjoying reading these incredible transformative true life moments - all amazing!

steven said...

hi bonnie - thanks so much. it's incredible - the writing that's appearing. oh my goodness!!!!!!! it really is amazing!! thanks bonnie. steven

Alexandra MacVean said...

Hi Steven...I am new to this meme...and off I go to check out the other blogs! Rock on for hosting this! :)

steven said...

hi sophia, thanks - it's absolutely amazing what's showing up on all these incredible people's sites!!! enjoy your journey. steven

Sid Smith said...

Thanks for getting this underway Steven. You've introduced me to some remarkable people and stories. Priceless!

steven said...

hey sid, let me tell you it was a lot more work than i thought but much more satisfying and rewarding than i could have imagined! there are a lot of incredible stories attached to this piece. stories that leave me incredulous and make my own pitiful little grind seem utterly insignificant!! thanks for joining in sid. i hope that you can find time to visit as many of these people as you can. there's riches beneath the surface!!! see you. steven

Kathryn Magendie said...

I visited every one - if I missed one, well, I hope I did not --what an incredible incredible journey - thank you for this....

steven said...

hello kathryn - welcome back!!! it's unbelievable isn't it!!! good for you to travel all those places - australia, wales, north and south england, all over the states, canada, france, scotland.... it's extraordinary that we can do this!! thanks so much for visiting. enjoy your stay!! steven

Delwyn said...

Hello Steven

you can take a big breath and relax...you have done a great job...
I hope you will repeat the exercise one day...it has resulted in a varied, interesting community of shared experiences and you have brought a lot of people together to learn more about each other's lives and worlds.

Once again thank you Steven...

Happy days

steven said...

bless you delwyn, it's been an amazing day all 'round. i've met lots of new people, learned very quickly and very deeply about people i thought i knew, and learned some more about myself!!! i love that it has brought people together through an opening of trust and understanding. thanks so much delwyn. steven

lucy said...


I came here by way of Tessa and love your blog. I decided to take part in your Transformative meme...a little late but something I have been meaning to write about. You gave me the push to do it. Thanks!

Caroline Gill said...

Great to find you again, Steven... and more transformative moments. That pine cone... WOW!