Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the long shadow

the day has been slow and hot, humid in the way that summer's are meant to be.

meant to be. but there are very few "actuals" that parallel the "meant-to-be" in the weather any more.

with anything really.

and i'm alright with that.
because the actual that i do experience is a good, kind, challenging, ugly, beautiful, real, magical place for me.

and i can stand the dance.
and i like the music they play here too!


i had lunch in a beautiful restaurant with my oldest boy today.
how magic is that?!

we told each other stories and understandings.
we played with ideas, deconstructed them, saw the way we compliment each other
in our convergent divergence.

outside, the wind started to whip around in the way that winds whip
when they're telling the beginning of a story.
and the story they were telling has yet to be told in full, but i hear (and feel) it involves a storm.

i love storms!

so here it is. the night before i begin my next rotation around the sun.
the skies to the north are a bruised purplish-blue.
to the west they are gathering for one of their way-up-there-club meetings.
to the south there's a blissfull hazy unknowing soon to be punctuated by the neon pink-blue flashes that are dancing even as i write.
to the west it's as clear as glass.
the moon is coming to its fullness.
an eclipse is gradually emerging.
little pieces of convergence and synchronicity - a dance with grace - are braiding themselves inexorably around this emergence that i can feel - palpably feel in myself.


my daughter says "dad, i took pictures while you were out at lunch. look at this."

"i love the long shadow. can you see it dad?"

"ohhh i can see it my sweet."

"it's almost as beautiful as the dragonfly."


i'm so thankful she can see both.


alaine@éclectique said...

I love storms and particularly that long shadow!

I'm going to enjoy exploring here, Steven.

Eryl said...

I'm pretty sure that your kids are going to continue to be able to 'see both', and more: the multiplicity of existence. I'm sure I see a little more every time I read one of your posts.

Love the photo.

steven said...

hi alaine, welcome. i'm absolutely wriggly as i write - the storm is rumbling and flashing it's way closer and closer - the trees are whipping like long gowns on a dancefloor and the rain is blowing sideways!!! the wind is whistling thin and warm through all the open windows. have fun wandering 'round here. steven

steven said...

hi eryl, it's an interesting journey for them because they are stretched between how i am as a person and how their friends are as people. there's not a tug-of-war as much as a balancing act for my kids. but i am who i am and they are really good people . .. oh dear i just read that and it's all dadly isn't it?! thanks for your sweet comments!!! steven

Tess Kincaid said...

It has looked as if it could storm several times today, but nothing yet. I love those few dark dramatic moments just before it hits, like the sky in your picture. I enjoyed hearing about your lovely lunch with your son. So nice to have a close relationship with him. And look at this amazing dragonfly pic...wow.

steven said...

hi willow, thanks for the nice comments. i am very fortunate that my relationships with all three of my children are as rich as they are. each is very much their own person but when we are together it is for me the most magical and worthy of times. have a peaceful evening or . . .if you're really lucky, a stormy evening of the meteorological kind!! steven

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...


Such a lovely description of your day - a dance with grace - be it with the weather, your thoughts, your children, your words . . . I think your stormy weather is headed our way. Perfect timing, as I love to hear the wind howling and the rain pelting while all cozy in bed.

Dan Gurney said...

I love the picture of the storm clouds. We don't see much of that sort of summer weather here in Sonoma County CA. I think I'd like it.

ellen abbott said...

That picture of the dragonfly is amazing, really. She has a good eye.

I can only dream about the storm. Another rainless week predicted.

steven said...

hi bonnie, it was a really sweet day. i love the storms and especially love leaving the window's open and listening to the howling wind and rain drops at bedtime. have a peaceful evening. steven

steven said...

hi ellen, thanks for the comment i'll let her know!!! tough break about your dry stretch there. we've had rain, sun., rain, sun, rain, rain, sun. well you get the drift!!! but it's all good. its all what you make of it. have a peaceful evening. steven

steven said...

hi dan, i was telling my kids about the idea that some parts of the world don't see the kinds of clouds or weather that we do. they were astonished. now i have proof!!! thanks dan. have a great day. steven