Wednesday, December 5, 2012

who we are

i love that each of us is in detail and essence utterly unique. 

the first battle of our lives and sometimes the longest and hardest fought, 
is the battle with the many forces bent on providing us with compelling rationales to deny who we are, 
or who we are intended to be. 

that the strange need for this world to achieve a sort of homogeneity
 precludes the possibility of many to not only retain their uniqueness,
but to achieve the possibilities that that uniqueness might bestow,
is surely the saddest casualty of this battle.

the creation
as i understand it
is a creative unfolding event
of which i am one very small part

my place in the creation
is to honour
the obligation
of my existence

i do so
by waking each and every day
with the intention
of discovering more of my place
and purpose
and celebrating through my work
and wishes and dreams
and most especially my hope

my uniqueness.

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