Saturday, December 15, 2012

for the better

looking out at the world
while standing on
my front porch
i am filled
with a sense of yearning
to see this world change sufficiently
for the better
in ways that i have 
hoped for

for as long as i can remember

in my own small part
and for my own small part

i have never let up
and perhaps
that is all i can ask 
of myself

i don't believe
that it's appropriate
to ask the same of others

each of us finds our way
to rightness and goodness
(more often it finds us first)
in our own time
and in our own way

and yet
i cannot prevent my heart
expressing its most fervent hope
that no matter
or what you are

that you accept the privilege of life
by bringing
whatever goodness you can
into this world

and in so doing
this world will change
for the better


Linda Sue said...

if by "good" you mean becoming involved in better laws and help for the mentally ill, contributing to the food bank, buying socks for cold homeless feet, refusing to accept war or political highjinks then yes...being good is a good thing- if by "good" you mean be nice- lift spirits, provide a warm safe place to nurture the tossed and turned-ride a bike to win bikes for those in need, then yes. Good is good- and you are it.

Butternut Squash said...

I hear a prayer in every word and every image you share.