Monday, December 17, 2012

santa gives me the thumbs up!

i got to spend some quality time
with santa
and i took the opportunity
 to check in as far as
the whole "naughty or nice" business goes 
because really
and truly . . . 
i do live my life -
and sometimes
i bet
on your inclination
or your sense of good or bad
right or wrong)
i might dance somewhat haphazardly
and unpredictably
on either side of that fence

so i was super jazzed
when the hirsute one
slipped me a bag of candies and assured me
that i was a good dude
and in for more of the same
in terms of good times
and treats and happiness!


Linda Sue said...

Oh Man- If I had only known that you were going to actually meet the man! I wanted you to ask him to destroy all records, I am so tired of getting sticks and coal...

steven said...

linda sue! seriously . . . you've been bad. that is soooooo very hard to imagine!!!! really?! steven

Pauline said...

Two good dudes!

steven said...

hey pauline thanks . . . ! steven