Monday, December 31, 2012

new year's eve

the end of a year.

not quite a wall.

a wall
in one way

with windows.

a little high for me

kind of hard to see through

what's coming?
what might be right on the other side of that wall?

i should tell you
i have just had one of the most challenging
and one of the most amazing years
in my life

and as i just got to share with a neighbour

i wake every day entirely thrilled to be alive
 and grateful for the opportunity


so i am entirely

for myself

and each 
of you

that your lives

or some part of your lives
are blessed
with happy making fortune





Cheryl Cato said...

Happy new year to you Steven. This year has been quite a challenge. I wish peace, love and happiness for us all. May 2013 be an amazing year!

steven said...

cheryl . . . yup quite a year. my marriage ended peacefully in april and i bought a home for myself in september. and life has become progressively and substantially happier since then . . . .steven

erin said...

the grace and love are fortunes enough))) and for you too)