Thursday, December 6, 2012

four years

four years ago today my dad flew away.

it was as expected as it was unexpected.

my dad was a man who was drawn to the simple pleasures of this world while also being drawn to enrich his spiritual self through his practice as a buddhist 
and a never ending hunger to learn and to know.

my dad over the course of his life shared much of himself with me, particularly his eccentricities, his love of food and drink, his appreciation of good things and then, eventually of good people, and most especially his love of knowledge.

after a tumultuous first half of our lives, i made my peace with my dad and we arrived at a point of mutual care and respect that was characterized by the best hugs i have ever shared with a man. 

i loved him dearly.


Valerianna said...

Such a deep blessing to heal ones relationship with a parent - or with anyone! I just lost my mother in October, and I'm grateful that we had healed our relationship, I wish we had had more time, of course, one never has ones loved ones long enough.

Linda Sue said...

Dads are complex- Great that you connected later- that your Dad could impart some understanding, some measure of "this is who I am" , not just a Dad but one who can fly!!! I know the "missing" the yearning to see Dad just one more time, a phone call, a letter...a hug.

erin said...

an incredibly beautiful photograph of him, steven. and what a complicated relationship - continuing inside such a well of learning.