Saturday, December 22, 2012


we form such 
brief impressions

a moment's glance

an overheard phrase

a rumour

a sense

and from that 
tumbles the lasting sensation
that passes for relationship

each impression
echoing the first

and if the echo is muffled
or incongruent
then it is dovetailed
to correspond
with that which has gone before

and this goes on
and on
until one day
the artifice
becomes too much to bear

and no matter 
how much is contained -
no matter how much is hidden

it all comes tumbling out
and down on the floor
in all its emptiness
in all its nothingness

and you find yourself
right there on the floor
with the sorry
of your own creation

and standing up
becomes the most important
and most singular expression
of yourself
and who you really are

and so
here i am

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