Sunday, August 28, 2011

tinariwen - tassili

the thrill of hearing good new music has been with me since i first put on a 45 of the beach boys sloop john b, or maybe it was the lp of beatles for sale, i dunno, what i do know is that the rush is still there. when something new crosses my path, i've got to listen and if it's "good" it'll get played over and over

tinariwen are a group i've enjoyed since stumbling across their womad performance a few years ago. i couldn't believe my ears and eyes! pure rock roots completely and precisely melded into the bass-driven groove and chicken-pickin' guitar of malian trance with the kick-in-the-teeth edge that revolutionary lyrics always carry.

four albums since that time, tinariwen's edge is still sharp. their latest album entitled "tassili" will be released at the end of this month but if you'd like to hear the entire album streamed (courtesy of npr) please go here. to hear individual tracks and read the review by npr writer bob boilen go here.


Valerianna said...

Cool... or maybe HOT is a better adjective, and good, dry imagery to balance the relentless rains today as the eye of Irene approaches. TTFN!

steven said...

i thought that some cool, hot danceable music might be a good foil for the very windy, very wet weather that so much of the eastern seaboard is experiencing. steven

Richard Jesse Watson said...

So fabulous. Has the the mellow desert groove of Ali Farka Toure. Thanks, Steven.