Saturday, August 27, 2011

four years

this blog is now four years old - an astonishing feature of my life through which i have managed to share at least one posting per day since its inception on august twenty-seventh, two thousand and seven.
i'm proud that in one way shape or form i have kept my commitment.
no matter what or why or who or when or even how i have been or am.

i have watched the digital soil in which i have carefully planted the seeds of my becoming self,
grow from wishing for readers and reposting current news on technology, art, and coolness in general, through my relationship with nature and its relationships with me, to its current place as a journal for writing that speaks as much of the nascent momentum of my wish to speak in a poetic tongue
as it does of my wish to express both the expressible and the inexpressible
with equal understanding.

the significance of this is that despite my very public and social work as a teacher, i am in fact very typically and cerebrally english in my need for a considerable amount of personal space in which to be able to take several steps back and observe the animal i live inside.
then again, perhaps that has no cultural context and is expressly a feature of the person i am.

no matter - the peculiarities of the digital realm afford me the sweet luxury of
expressing my experiencing of this state, with a delete button mere centimetres from my index finger.

i am grateful to all of you who arrive here each day and to those of you who respond in whatever manner to my thinking, my photographs, my riffs on old paintings, my poetry, my stories and especially to whatever it is that compels the sharing of my work which finds in part a place to locate itself in process right here.

love of course . . . steven


ellen abbott said...

Every day for four years? Wow! Well, continue on steven. Oh, and, love the new header photo.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Congratuations Steven - your words always give me food for thought. I have now blogged for almost three years and I know that my almost daily blog helps me to collect me thoughts too.

Here's to the next four years.

Jinksy said...

And we are attracted like moths to your flame... Keep the light burning, blogpal.

hope said...

The daily commitment for 4 years is amazing! Then again, so are you. :)

Thank you for offering us a shady spot in the garden of you where we can reflect and recharge.

Linda Sue said...

What Jinksy said! Ditto- Thank you for your blog Steven- it is the highlight of so many days!

Friko said...

with much love in return, steven.
Here's to the next four years of happy blogging.

Kay said...

wow well done you!! thanks for sharing a piece of you that touches pieces of me that is hiding under day to day crapiness of life and reminds me to rise above it all and just be...never stop steven!! (if that makes any sense at all)!! xx
ps. the word verification below is 'grace', seems apt.

Tess Kincaid said...

Happy Blogoversary! Thank you for the beauty and peace you bring to my life, dear friend. <3

Valerianna said...

Now that is a lot of daily posts... goodness! Wonderful. Congratulations and what a funky header photo today! The rains of the hurricane have begun, I am in the area where the most rain is predicted to fall - up to 10 inches on an already sodden ground due to a wet summer. Hope this misses you all up north!

Ruth said...

Steven, if it were merely a feat of blog post regularity and numbers, I would say congratulations. But the truth is, it is a feat of humanness beyond digital technology and social network. Your daily accomplishment, for this long, or for even one day, is to seek and speak the beauty of the soul, the body, and the earth, especially in the small things that many miss. For this I say, I celebrate you.

erin said...

"my need for a considerable amount of personal space in which to be able to take several steps back and observe the animal i live inside." ! yes!

i am so glad i can read of you.

blogging has been an evolution for me, as well, and now is an exercise in my being. it seems as though it is similar for you. here we are, "I'm just a spirit trying to be human." (alexis murdoch, shine)


Jo said...

What an accomplishment, Steven!

I look forward eagerly to every post of yours, and in the short time I've followed you, I've been honored to witness the growth you've experienced within your beauty-filled blog.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, photos, art, stories, and poetry with us. It is so very clearly a labor of love for you.

May you continue to find growth and wonder in this millieu. Selfishly, I hope for many more years of your contribution to my life.

much love to you today, dear friend.

Pauline said...

Thank you for four years of beauty, understanding, insight, and sharing.