Wednesday, August 17, 2011


a space
lit by
wished upon stars

in the small eternity
i traverse
in an instant
between the world
of my imagining
and the world
of my living


something has happened.
the moon lit up the room.
God knew about it

tomas tranströmer


Terresa said...

The distance between us and the moon feels like a small eternity.

I like how you capture that distance between imagination and reality in this. Well done! And the Transtromer quote, a bonus.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh yes, steven there is such mystery in a starry sky.

Deborah said...


Pauline said...

oh, those wished upon stars!

ellen abbott said...

the small eternity of our lives.

I don't always comment steven but I always read.

Jo said...

You are so right, Steven. There is an eternity between the world of imagining and reality. How special and rare it is when they intersect.

Beautiful thoughts.

steven said...

terresa thankyou. i love transtromer's writing and it sparks me to think closer to the thinking i'd like to think. steven

steven said...

weaver i have been on my back for the last nine evenings looking at the stars and they leave me speechless and awed. steven

steven said...

hi deborah and welcome!!! thankyou. steven

steven said...

pauline can you imagine gathering all the wishes that have been cast upon the stars. steven

steven said...

ellen - i'm totally good with that. steven

steven said...

jo those are the moments i feel we are born for. steven

Titus said...

Wonderful timing steven - I walked outside my back door last night and looked straight at a shooting star that lasted seconds. And the moon and stars were incredible - sometimes it's a completely 'other' light.