Friday, August 26, 2011

evening closes

lift your eyes
from the sliding shadows
on the path

and you are
the soft light

you paint
the pale clouds

as evening closes


Ruth said...

How did the camera's sensor manage to keep that apricot light that is so hard to hold? Soft light of evening is the best, especially at the end of summer.

Love the bubbles header too.

steven said...

ruth - i wish i was more knowledgeable in terms of camera technology but i'm not!!! i find the biggest challenge with taking pictures is staying still! i think the camera has some sort of anti-jiggle thingamabobby built in but i still can't help wondering if my heartbeat affects the image. i hold my breath for many of them! these pictures were taken very close to the beautiful community of youngstown, ny. steven

Jo said...

Steven! Beautifully whimsical header!

Magically beautiful photos.

Beautifully light-filled words.

I shudder to think what you might capture if you were "more knowledgeable" about cameras. Your pics are always so stunning.

Linda Sue said...

WOOHOO! BEAUTY! Your bubbles are also totally amazing! little earths surrounded by clones and a soft surrounding. I want to be one of those bubbles! The last photo - I completely lost control over that one! Sigh, swoon, weep for the incredible colour of it. WOW!

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

those were gorgeous pictures... actually i myself dont understand how to use my cam. hehehe... i'm thinking after my driving lesson assignment i'll sit and review the manual...

nice one!


hope said...

I love how that tree looks like nature's window shade being drawn closed!

Jinksy said...

The last photo looks like a Chinese painting..